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Sat 21 Jul 2018

2.30 pm / £10 / £6 concession

What can we learn from non-human apes?

Marcus Coates and Fiona MacDonald bring together a panel of primate specialists to discuss what our closest animal relatives can teach us about the human world.

You will be able to ask the panellists a question about human society. It can be a personal everyday concern, or a broader social, political issue. Grab this chance to learn from experts and artists about the fascinating human-animal connection.

Speakers: artist Marcus Coates; curator and artist Fiona MacDonald Feral Practice; Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of London Volker Sommer;Reader in Primate Behavioural Ecology at the University of Kent, Nick Newton-Fisher.

The panellists will answer audience questions through their specialist knowledge of apes – their social habits and behaviours – to bring new perspectives to our human concerns.

You are welcome to submit your question to or bring it with you on the day.

Subverting a ‘Gardeners Question Time’ format, Ask the Apes draws on and celebrates the vast resource of knowledge that apes, and the humans that study them, have accumulated.

This event is part of Ask the Wild, a project by British artists Marcus Coates and Feral Practice. Ask the Wild offers fresh perspectives on personal, social, and political issues in human society, by bringing the expert knowledge of the natural history disciplines to bear on everyday human problems and dilemmas.

It also connects to Marcus Coates and Volker Sommer's  artwork Degreecoordinates, Shared Traits of the Hominini (Humans, Bonobos and Chimpanzees) on show in Turner Contemporary’s exhibition Animals & Us.

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Stephanie Quayle's A Narrow Abyss gives visitors the chance to feel what it is like to sit next to a chimpanzee. Find out more about Animals & Us here.