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Fri 23 - Sat 31 Mar 2018

Bon Volks, Margate / Free

Susan Turcot  

'Songs of the Nuclear'

Bon Volks Residency Programme

Friday 23 March - Saturday 31 March, by appointment.

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Susan Turcot’s residency at Bon Volks will provide space to explore and make drawings around the subject of time and nuclear waste. Through the lenses of human life time, layered in a geological/nuclear waste time, she is stretching and experimenting with words, song writing, poetry and image making. As she tries to articulate the nuclear wasteland embodied in us and physically around us she is finding processes that resonate with the explorations in T.S. Eliots’ poem.

At the opening at 2pm on 23 March, Susan and writer / curator Miya Yoshida will introduce the project to date and open up a discussion with all present, followed by drinks.

Susan Turcot is an artist living in Whitstable who works with Stalmy Now an artist collective with the writer/curator Miya Yoshida and the Film maker Angelika Levi both in Berlin.

This is an independent event organised by members of the public in response to Turner Contemporary's invitation to create an event or activity inspired by The Waste Land, T.S. Eliot's legacy, and Turner Contemporary's exhibition Journeys with 'The Waste Land'.