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  • Photo: Megan Garrett-Jones 

Family Workshop

Wed 30 - Thu 31 Aug 2017

1-4pm Clore Learning Studio £4.50/ Free for CT9 Residents (Proof Required)

Children and families are invited to claim a part of the gallery on behalf of the newly formed state of Jelly
Land. The performance artist Megan Garrett-Jones makes the case for "jelly" to be the model of a new
sovereignty, questioning how solid our geographies really are. 

Inspired by the sensory worlds of Michael Armitage's paintings and the colourful, often leaning, constructions of Phyllida Barlow, jelly is given as a material ready to take shape and offer sensory joy. It may be a wobbly
building block, but the efforts and experiences of the people who visit will make Jelly Land a magical
place. Participants build a model jelly city and take part in Jelly Land's citizenship ceremony.