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First Friday

Fri 1 Aug 2014

6 - 9pm Free

Encounter art, music and performance in new and innovative ways on the first Friday of every month at Margate’s art hubs. This month, LIMBO are opening the show 'Guests' 2 on the 1st August.

Limbo invites an established artist who either lives, works or has worked in Kent to take on the role of host, and to themselves invite others to collaborate with them on a project of their choosing.

For ‘Guests’ 2 LIMBO has invited Whitstable and Margate-based Benedict Drew to initiate the collaboration.

The evening starts the new exhibition Escape Routes where Benedict Drew and the 12 artists (Angus Braithwaite, Nicholas Brooks, David Burrows, Ami Clarke, Catriona Clayson, Matt Copson, Vera Karlsson, Rebecca Lennon, Terence McCormack, Heather Phillipson, Laura Smith, Milo Waterfield) to completely transform the project space, recolouring the walls, darkening the room and making a range of interventions.


Artist, Summer of Colour