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  • Songbook by Matteo Fargion, for ROTOR 2010
    Photo by Pari Naderi
  • Siobhan Davies, A Series of Appointments, for ROTOR 2010 Photo Pari Naderi
  • Photo Carlos Maria
  • Vertiginuous Exhilaration
    Photo Rut Blees Luxemburg 
  • The traveller walking walking walking through, 2010, Clare Gasson Photo Sam Nightingale


Fri 30 Mar 2012

6 - 10pm Throughout the whole gallery Free

Join us for our monthly Late Night Live event, when the gallery stays open until 10pm.

For one weekend, Siobhan Davies Dance presents live performances, sound and film works from ROTOR, an exhibition inspired by walking in a circle.  

Starting with Late Night Live: Walk from 6 - 10pm on Friday 30 March, Siobhan Davies, EV Crowe and Matteo Fargion present film and performance works.

Late Night Live: Walk, Friday 30 March 6 - 10pm
Siobhan Davies Dance are joined by artists, choreographers and dancers who are inspired by the act of walking.

Artists and performances:

ROTOR is an ensemble of performances, sound, installations and artworks, created by eight artists in response to Siobhan Davies’ filmed choreography, The Score. It has previously been shown at Siobhan Davies Studios, London; South London Gallery, London; Whitworth Gallery, Manchester; and Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh. 

'ROTOR is exhilarating, offered with the finesse that always marks Davies' work. Stimulating and worthwhile.' Financial Times *****

Choreographer Carlos Maria and dance artist William Collins
This ‘walking performance’ happens at sporadic moments throughout the four hour event. Experienced by chance by visitors, the performance can appear and disappear, pause, stand by, freeze, accelerate, slow down, relate or not to the people close to it. The walking will be a free action that won’t tell a story, represent anything, will not be attached to transporting a body, but will render a repetitive movement that shapes, misshapes or reshapes the body and its perception. 

Rut Blees Luxemburg talk
COMMONSENSUAL – Walking and Seeing in the City
London artist Rut Blees Luxemburg discusses the importance of walking to her photographic work. Drawing on her work, from the early ‘London – A Modern Project’ to the recent ‘Black Sunrise’ set in New York, she considers ideas  that accentuate and amplify the importance of the ground and the horizontal, light and illumination, and the visual line between the above and the below.  Find our more about Rut's work here.

Clare Gasson
The traveller walking walking walking through... 
This sound-poem takes a balladic song-like form and was written in response to a visit to Bath by Gasson - walking and experiencing the city, thinking about the rhythm of walking and of waulking songs (work songs of women waulking the cloth) and their rhythm, and the influences that touch upon the traveller through the journey, peeling back the layers of the city through the converse action of layering sound. Performance originally commissioned by Bridget Crone, Media Art Bath.

True Love

A special preview of the television drama set in Margate True Love by award-winning director Dominic Savage will be screened at Late Night Live: Walk. True Love, a serial made through improvisation. Five universal stories explore love in the modern day and each is led by one of the following big names: David Tennant, Billie Piper, Jane Horrocks, Ashley Walters and David Morrissey.
Event timings, Friday 30 March:

True Love screening (film) Foyle Rooms
6pm / 9.15pm

The Score by Siobhan Davies (film)
6pm / 6.40pm / 7.10pm / 7.40pm / 8.10pm / 8.40pm / 9.10pm

Live Feed
by EV Crowe (live performance)
6.30pm / 7.00pm / 7.30pm / 8.00pm /8.30pm / 9pm

Crossover (performance) by Carlos Maria and William Collins
Regular slots 6 - 10pm

Rut Blees Luxemberg talk
7 - 8pm

The traveller walking walking walking through... (sound poem)
8.30 - 9pm

Late Night Live Weekend Special: Siobhan Davies Dance
Saturday 31 March – Sunday 1 April

12 noon / 2pm / 4pm £5 / £4 concessions
Live Feed, A Series of Appointments by Siobhan Davies, Songbook by Matteo Fargion (live performances), The True Story of Someone Putt Only Half Heard by Alice Oswald (poem), The Score (film)

See the weekend events here



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