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  • Ilana Halperin, Physical Geology (new landmassfast time), 2009
    Ilana Halperin

Sat 7 May 2011

Space for the Imagination is a series of collaborative performances that draw from the fields of art, science, meteorology and astronomy.

Artist Ilana Halperin, Archaeologist Karen Holm­berg and Curator Andrew Patrizio present a performative lecture that examines the status of volcanoes in contem­porary culture.

By exploring the intersections of geology, archaeology, history and the visual arts, they will attempt to make sense of our ongoing desire to make contact with volcanoes.

The team will present their field notes from volcanic sites across the world, including Hawaii, Vesuvius, Mt. St. Helens, Iceland, and elsewhere. Representations of volcanoes will be compared as a means of understanding the ways in which volcanic eruptions are scientifically, culturally, and personally significant events.

As Halperin and Patrizio perform within Turner Contemporary, Holmberg will participate via internet connection from San Francisco approximately 5371 miles away.

Hand Held Lava was commissioned by Triple Canopy and will be forthcoming on their website at


Time: 4pm
Location: Foyle Rooms
£5, concessions £4
Booking essential

Image: Ilana Halperin, Physical Geology (new landmassfast time), 2009 © Ilana Halperin

Adults, Performances

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