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  • House Goddesses by Local Artist, Charlie Russell. Available in our shop
  • The JMW Turner Collection, available in our shop


Everything in our shop is chosen to complement all the things that Turner Contemporary has on offer. 

From items inspired by our exhibitions and our space, to limited collections from Margate based artists and makers to beautiful stationary, books and cards... we've curated the ultimate selection of products for you to choose from.

Every purchase supports our work. 

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The JMW Turner Collection

Limited collection of homeware and accessories featuring Turner's watercolour of Margate. 

Pick up a Tracey Emin

Only available from specially selected retailers, this collection of white ceramics feature small, detailed drawings from Tracey Emin. Take one home with you and celebrate her connection with Margate. 

House Goddesses by Local Artist, Charlie Russell

“My ceramic work is based on wish making and manifestation, personal power and our connection to others.


House Goddesses are created to bring love and light; to be a colourful, playful channel for the hopes and wishes of our inner lives and for the everyday.  The House Goddess is a handcrafted object that speaks to the ancient part of our inner wisdom, where instinct and love reside. They are modern female mother/sister power objects that help us draw on our own nature, tradition and personal magic in all its forms.


I am inspired by the personal shrines we quietly and subconsciously make in our homes; special items, objects and collections that hold memory, connect us to others, represent desire and make us feel safe. House Goddesses are made to live among these things, they celebrate, they remind, they are gifts between loved ones and for ourselves.


Objects that represent women have been made for centuries for many different purposes by many different people. The Goddess is original; she has always been with us. She is unearthed, hidden, forgotten, rediscovered, kept alive, reinvented, feared, cherished, enduring and evolving. 


These House Goddesses are a continuation of the legacy of the Goddess in her many forms and cultures.”


Charlie Russell


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