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Everything in our shop is chosen to complement all that Turner Contemporary has on offer. 

From items inspired by our exhibitions and our space, to limited collections from Margate based artists and makers to beautiful stationary, books and cards, we've curated the ultimate selection of products for you to choose from.

Every purchase supports our work. 

If you have any queries please email or call 01843 233 000.


Museum Shop Sunday

An International Cultural Shopping Day

Join Turner Contemporary to celebrate Museum Shop Sunday on Sunday 25 November 2018.

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On Sunday 25th November we will be offering 25% off our collection of limited editions*

*in store only excludes Michael Craig-Martin and Cornelia Parker, not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. 25/11/18 only.

Come and browse prints by Dorothy Cross, Pablo Bronstein, Jeremy Deller and more. It is the ideal occasion to purchase Christmas gifts and quality products created by local makers inspired by our Patrick Heron exhibition, from stationary to socks, mini prints to mugs, there is certain to be something for everyone.

Supported by the Association for Cultural Enterprises (ACE), Museum Shop Sunday invites members of the public to experience the inspirational gifts offered by cultural organisations nationwide. Encouraging shopping with a conscience, sales made will contribute to each venue directly and provide a valuable contribution to culture in the UK.

Over 100 UK venues are participating on Museum Shop Sunday alongside over 600 venues across 10 countries worldwide.

Conscientious shopping will be part of everyone’s Christmas in 2018.

Cornelia Parker, 'STOP', 2015

You can purchase this artwork (below) by Cornelia Parker in our shop.


“This sign is based on a photograph I took of a battered parking notice on a 60’s council estate in N1. The signs are ubiquitous in London, displayed on all the estates of the period. Isolated from its context the instruction can refer to anything you want it to. Stop eating, Stop drinking, Stop smoking, Stop thinking, Stop worrying, Stop" - Cornelia Parker, 2015 

"The fact it is made in enamel means it has a certain authority commanding you to submit, (or to ignore if that is what you usually do to signs!) The black enamel encroaches on the white word, semi-submerged it suggests the viewer is perhaps leaving it a little too long to respond" - Cornelia Parker, 2015

Cornelia Parker, 'STOP', 2015

Embossed enamel sign with hand-painted white lettering

Signed, limited edition of 20. Plinth Ikon 50 Edition.

487 x 248 x 8mm




Entangled - Threads & Making front cover.JPG

Have part of our exhibitions delivered to your doorstep
We have catalogues available to purchase online. You can buy Entangled: Threads & Making and Arp: The Poetry of Forms on Ebay here.

Goddesses - Copy.jpg

House Goddesses by Local Artist, Charlie Russell
“The House Goddess is a handcrafted object that speaks to the ancient part of our inner wisdom, where instinct and love reside. They are modern female mother/sister power objects that help us draw on our own nature, tradition and personal magic in all its forms. I am inspired by the personal shrines we quietly and subconsciously make in our homes; special items, objects and collections that hold memory, connect us to others, represent desire and make us feel safe. House Goddesses are made to live among these things, they celebrate, they remind, they are gifts between loved ones and for ourselves. Objects that represent women have been made for centuries for many different purposes by many different people. The Goddess is original; she has always been with us. She is unearthed, hidden, forgotten, rediscovered, kept alive, reinvented, feared, cherished, enduring and evolving. These House Goddesses are a continuation of the legacy of the Goddess in her many forms and cultures.” - Local artist and creator of House Goddesses, Charlie Russell