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  • The Bloop

    The Bloop

    by Holy Trinity & St John's School, outside Margate Job Centre
  • The Walking Rollercoaster

    The Walking Rollercoaster

    by Salmestone School, in Tivoli Woods
  • The Timezone Tent

    The Timezone Tent

    by Northdown School, at Windmill Allotments
  • Awepiculous


    by Palm Bay Primary School, at Palm Bay Pavilion


Turner Contemporary's most ambitious learning project to date - Art Inspiring Change - presented a triumphant community event on Saturday 8th July, called Artgate.

The project was led by 70 primary school children from four local schools. On 8th July the school children presented the town of Margate with four large artworks that transformed rundown sites around the town, including outside the Job Centre and on a derelict pavilion overlooking the sea.

Over the last 18 months in the build up to Artgate, children involved in Art Inspiring Change have pitched their ideas to Thanet District Council in their council chambers, visited the Houses of Parliament, orchestrated a gallery takeover at Turner Contemporary, visited Phyllida Barlow’s studio in London, experimented with different artforms, and created their own artworks that will leave a legacy in Margate. The children are all now regular visitors to Turner Contemporary and bring family and friends to our exhibitions.

The artworks were:

Palm Bay School: Awepiculous, Palm Bay Pavilion, CT9 3PP

Awepiculous 2017 is the awesome, epic and fabulous transformation of a run-down seaside pavilion into an exciting social space. Inspired by the history of the structure as a playful place, Team PB have brought fun back; learn to see the sea differently through the Gem Curtain, interact with your friends in a whole new way at the Communication Station and play with your dog at the immensely big Dog Ball Wall.

Holy Trinity & St John’s School: The Bloop, Outside the Job Centre, CT9 1LB

The Bloop is a space where passers-by can play, perform and become different characters. It is a weird-world theatre set on the land outside the job centre, with cameras, riddles and activities. The idea was to make people curious; it grew from the Young Art Leaders’ experience of creating dens and spaces that people can be inside. On the 8th July it was filled with making and creativity as everyone made masks and choirs took to the stage, filling the whole place with music.

Salmestone School: The Walking Rollercoaster, Tivoli Woods, CT9 5TH

The Walking Rollercoaster was a large scale interactive installation spread throughout Tivoli woods. Brightly coloured signs adorned the trees, boxes of feeling and insect houses sat by the path, 2D sculptures hung from overhead branches and 3D sculptures sat on tree trunks. The woods were filled with riddles and silliness! Thanks to The Walking Rollercoast, the pathways in Tivoli Woods have now been cleared for all to enjoy the space.

Northdown School: Timezone Tent, Windmill Allotments, CT9 2SH

Inside the Timezone Tent itself on 8th July was a continuous programme of activities, from a dancefloor on which you could dance through time, to a dress up station where you could design clothes for the future. The idea was to create experiences, environments and activities that explore the idea of time changing.

During Artgate, 14 teenagers volunteered as reporters, filming and photographing the event, as well as gathering quotes from participants and the public. Their reporting has been assembled into a special newspaper to celebrate everything achieved by Art Inspiring Change and the children involved. You can download and read the newspaper at the bottom of this page.

Artgate concluded with a celebration at Turner Contemporary that included choirs singing to a packed crowd on the terrace.

Read this article from the Guardian about the project's impact, 'regenerating minds as well as the environment'.

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Turner Contemporary would like to thank all involved who, through their commitment and creativity, made Art Inspiring Change possible.

Young Art Leaders:

Northdown YALS - Lily-Mai Cooper, Eliza Thompson, Tamara Parsons, Emmy Stevenson, Teyla Michaels, Hadley Chandler, Holly-Jane Crawford,  Rhiannon Kesson-Lyons, Sky Davies, Ifejesu Adeogun, Jack Trimmer, Aimee Brown, Ruby Cave, Bret Michaels, Ruby Manderson

Palm Bay YALs - Chloe Hayes, Jasmine Cosier, Aslan Gurtekin, Aleanbh Roberson, Rifka Jackson-Brown, Thay Fitzgerald, Tallulah Smith, Lottie-Rose Hatfield-Tugwell, Ashton Beverley, Leam Young, Holly Adams, Oscar Merhnaz, Kasey Westgarth, Ted Russell, Mollie Golding, Jacob Ansell, Xanthe Chang, Oliver Grant, Chante Thomas

Holy Trinity & St John’s YALs - Liliana Zlota, Jayden Stewart, Lily Henderson, Muneeb Hashmi, Emily Wright, Mya Gilbert, Millie Bartlett, Evee-Anne Cooper, Dominic Kostrzewski, Iman Kamal, Tia Westwood, Silvie Mikova, Chloe Murtagh, Martyna Witiw, Ellie Ripley, Emily Lin, Jeva Markeviciute, Alyssa Maravilla, Liam Uren

Salmestone YALs – Brooke Stokes, Travis Wooster, Ava Fowler, Anya Mackins, Liam Ward, Esme Roddam, Phoebe Townsend, Logan McFetridge, Tilly Rose Hancock, Brynley Castle, Ellie Spelling, Talha Huzure, Kotryna Rynkeviciute, Nayla Munroe and Blake Coppin

Art Inspiring Change & Artgate Co-ordinator: Nikki Hildesley

Artists: Sam Curtis, Willow Mitchell, Emily MottoAdam James and Bethany Mitchell

Navigators: Bob Henderson, Lizzie Gove, Sue Rumsey and Lucy Pettet

Creative Enablers: Tamara Rattigan, Carol Emsley, Kerry Head, Olga Borovych, Orla Dollman, Sam James, Naomi Mo’del Tarjomani, Ann Lloyd

Teachers: Angela Harding, Danny Short, David Gillies, Mel Tong, Lizzie Williams, Vicky Bowyer, Elaine Beresford, Hilary Plowman, Tracey Thomson and Helen Cooper

Project Photographer: Jason Pay

Photographers: Sam Scales, Joel Knight

Argate Roving Reporters: Ellie Somers, Alex Somers, Izzy Ramsden, Benedict Hawkins, Archie Graves, Isobel McFarlane, Jasmine Collins, Laura Pullen, Nimra Cox, Kat Cutler-Mackenzie

Artgate Photographers: Hannah St. George Smith, Trinity Hart, Kelly Bowman, Finn Stone, Amber Harman

Others: Rob Kenyon, Suzy Hooper, Gill Gray, John Hammond, Emma Penny + Gary & TDC Team, Cllr Lin Fairbrass, Cllr Lesley Game, Karen Eslea, Ayisha De Lanerolle, Xanthe Pitt, Michele Gregson, Lydia Laitung, Dan Bass, Jen Scott, Moya Stirrup, Katie Hogben, Alexandra Wylde, WEA Malcolm Richmond and WEA tutors: Adam Newton, Deborah Crofts, Mark Stone and Colin O’Reilly

Choirs: Sophie Sirota & Palm Bay Choir, Susan Blyth & Holy Trinity & St Johns Choir, Robert Hamment & The Big Sing, Jonathon Grosberg & Rock Choir, Emily Watts & Cliftonville Community Choir and Sara Richardson & Hartsdown Choir.

Claire Shelton, Pete, Vic + team at Broadstairs Shed, ClaySpace, Lorna + team at The Windmill Allotments, Teresa Askew and The Ramsgate Festival, Dani Batchelor, Maritime Volunteer Service, Sam Causer & Margate Coastal Park, David Tweedale, The Metal Workshop, CCCU Ambassadors – Athanasia, Elizabeth, Konstantinos, UCA – Daniella, Volunteers – Antoinette, Sally Ann from Southeastern, Karen and Jonathon from McCabe Ford Williams

Art Inspiring Change Supporters:


Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Mon 17 Jul 2017