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  • Auguste Rodin, The Kiss, 1901-04, Pentelican marble © Tate, London 2011. Photo © Brian Moody
August Rodin's iconic image of sexual love The Kiss has now arrived at Turner Contemporary! 
This beautiful sculpture, created between 1901-4 is in our Sunley Gallery, for all our visitors to enjoy until 2 September 2012. 
On loan from the Tate collection, The Kiss was voted the nation’s favourite work of art in a 2003 poll. The embracing couple come from a true thirteenth century story of forbidden love, which was immortalised in Dante’s Inferno and by many artists since.
The couple are the adulterous lovers Paolo Malatesta and Francesca da Rimini, who were slain by Francesca’s outraged husband. They appear in Dante’s Inferno, which describes how their passion grew as they read the story of Lancelot and Guinevere together.  At the time, the perceived eroticism of Rodin’s sculpture was  controversial leading to instances where the work was removed from public view.
Read more about The Kiss in our leaflet, written by Curator and Art Historian Catherine Lampert.
Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Tue 4 Oct 2011