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Admission to Turner Contemporary is free

If you are a school or group. please book your visit in advance by contacting our Learning Team on 01843 233000 (choose option 1) or email 

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Inspired by the exhibition Self we are delighted to offer Thanet secondary schools a free workshop linked to the SMSC Curriculum.

Turner Contemporary’s learning team is trained in Philosophy for Children (P4C) at level one. There are a range of options for your visit, from self-guided to artist led sessions:

Conduct your own self led visit to the gallery. Book a time slot, free of charge, and lead your group through the exhibitions as you would like to.

Download our free resources to support your visit here.

Undertake a conversational tour to enhance thinking and communication skills, led by one of our trained Navigators.

Navigators will pick out key art works for discussion and use your pupils’ questions as a starting point for inquiry. We also offer traditional information tours led by our trained team.

All tours are just £3 per head, minimum charge of £21. Suitable for Key Stage 2 and above.

Use our special artist-made handling collections to look at the exhibitions in more detail, guided by one of our trained navigators. Objects that can be touched and explored provide starting points for critical responses to the artworks on display.

For Key Stage One these 45 minute sessions are just £2.50 per head, with a minimum charge of £20.

For Key Stage Two and above a 60 minute session is just £3 per head, minimum charge of £21.

Your pupils can undertake specially designed hands on sessions for each exhibition. Students have a guided spotlight tour of the exhibition followed by a practical session focusing on the work of the artist on display.

These sessions are just £4 per head, minimum charge of £40.

To find out what our current Navigator-led session is, call 01843 233 000 and choose option 1.

Why not book a bespoke session tailored to you and your students, led by an artist? We will contact one of our artist educators to lead a practical session with your group during which pupils will learn a new technique and make their own artwork.

£5.50 per head, minimum charge of £148.50.

Risk Assessments
We strongly advise that you conduct your own risk assessment during a pre-visit to the gallery.

The gallery is fully accessible for visitors, with a ramp to the main entrance and café, as well as an internal lift to all upper floor galleries.