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  • Duan Jianyu, Sharp Sharp, Smart No. 10, 2015
  • Yin Xiuzhen, Digestive Cavity, 2015
Wed 21 Feb - Sun 2 Sep 2018

In spring 2018 Turner Contemporary presents exhibitions by Yin Xiuzhen and Duan Jianyu as part of NOW: A dialogue on female Chinese contemporary artists. NOW is co-organised by Plus Tate, the China Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art.

Yin Xiuzhen (born Beijing, 1963) is known for her large-scale sculptural works exploring themes of globalisation, memory and the fast-paced urbanisation of contemporary China. Xiuzhen often uses found materials and second-hand clothes, drawn to the memories and personal stories they hold. As the artist says, “in a rapidly changing China ‘memory’ seems to vanish more quickly than everything else.” 

Xiuzhen’s installation Digestive Cavity (2015) will take over Turner Contemporary’s Sunley Gallery. This is one of a series of sculptural spaces in the form of bodily organs. Visitors can venture into this room-sized stomach cavity, conceived by the artist as a place for stopping and slowing down. 

Yin Xiuzhen, Digestive Cavity, 2017 (3).jpg

Yin Xiuzhen, Digestive Cavity, 2015

Turner Contemporary presents a small group of Duan Jianyu large-scale paintings. Jianyu (born 1970, Henan province, lives in Guangzhou) draws on Eastern and Western art to explore the tensions between rural and urban China, between tradition and modernisation. With both nostalgia and satire, her paintings explore the intricacies of daily life, often depicting rural scenes and traditions at risk of disappearing.

Duan Jianyu, Sharp, Sharp, Smart No.11, 2015.jpg

Duan Jianyu, Sharp, Sharp, Smart No.11, 2015

NOW: A dialogue on female Chinese contemporary artists

NOWis a collaborative programme taking place across the UK including new commissions and first UK showings of artworks by female Chinese contemporary artists working in China now. The project aims to generate awareness and debate around contemporary women artists in China through a series of exhibitions, commissions and events.

Read more about NOW: A dialogue on female Chinese contemporary artists here.

The programme includes exhibitions at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art; Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art; Nottingham Contemporary and Turner Contemporary. There will also be an artist film series at HOME and a symposium hosted by Tate Research Centre: Asia. The programme is sponsored by the China National Arts Fund and supported by British Council, China.

Featured artists in the exhibitions at other venues include: Na Buqi, Wu Chao, Ye Funa, Yang Guangnan, Ma Qiusha, Li Shurui, Luo Wei, Hu Xiaoyuan, Shen Xin and Geng Xue.

Featured artists in the film series include Hao Jingban, Shiyuan Liu, Wang NewOne, Yao Qingmei, Ma Qiusha, Liu Yi, Chi Jang Yin, Miao Ying, Liang Yue, Peng Yun, Guan Xiao, Hu Xiaoyuan, Wang Xin and Geng Xue.


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