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  • Photo credit: Stephen White
  • Photo credit: Stephen White
  • Photo credit: Stephen White
  • James Muriuki, Undefined Constructions, 2010 to present, C-type print on fuji flex paper.  
    Image © the artist
Fri 26 May - Sun 10 Sep 2017

“I live in a city that is full of happenings, movements, fumes, beauties, hopes, contradictions and visions
all of which stare right back at me.” - James Muriuki

James Muriuki (b.1977) is a Nairobi-based artist who works with photography and lens-based media. His
work explores social change within evolving urban spaces both in Kenya and internationally.

This exhibition includes works from Undefined Constructions (2012), a series of prints showing the rapid
transformation and development of Nairobi in recent years; capturing a city being concealed and disguised by
scaffolding and hoardings and revealed as the urban environment expands and develops.

In contrast to these architectural images is Muriuki’s Nguo series (2012). Nguo is the Swahili word for clothing
and these eight colourful photographs are playful snapshots that capture the everyday sight of washing on a line
or shoes lined up for the family. The bold flashes of colour and the softness of the fabrics and clothing break up
the geometry of the city.

From scaffolding and tower blocks to washing lines and clothing everything becomes important through Muriuki’s
lens as he introduces us to the everyday sights of his home-city.

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