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  • ARRIVALS 2007

  • ARRIVALS 2007

  • ARRIVALS 2007

  • ARRIVALS 2007

  • ARRIVALS 2007

  • ARRIVALS: Art from New Europe publication
  • ARRIVALS 2007

  • ARRIVALS: Art from New Europe book launch at Venice Biennale 2007

Mon 12 Sep 2005 - Sun 30 Sep 2007

This series of ten exhibitions provided us with the opportunity to develop international, national and local networks between artists, critics and audiences.

As part of the research for the ARRIVALS>HUNGARY and Estonia local artists Chris Yates and Peter Hofer joined curators from Turner Contemporary and Modern Art Oxford on research trips, visiting galleries and meeting with artists and curators.

Exhibitions such as ARRIVALS>SLOVAKIA provided a platform for exciting collaborations between members of Margate's local community and artists. Experimenting with new sites such as billboards and the harbour wall allowed the local community to engage with the artists' work whilst making visible contributions to the area.

The publication Arrivals: Art from the New Europe, launched at the Venice Biennale, marked the end of the two-year collaboration between Turner Contemporary and Modern Art Oxford introducing the work of artists from the expanded European Union.

The publication covers the ten Arrivals countries: Poland, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Slovakia, Estonia, Hungary and Malta and includes images of the artists' works, installation shots from the exhibitions, behind the scenes photographs and specially commissioned essays by gallery directors, curators, critics and art historians from across the EU.

TURN. to colour Film
View a short film on the project, TURN. to colour, ARRIVALS>MALTA, 2007 below.

The film documents Norbert Francis Attard's art intervention on Margate's Stone Pier 'TURN. to colour'. The film was commissioned by Turner Contemporary and was screened at the ARRIVALS>Art from New Europe exhibition and book launch.


Norbert Francis Attard
9 - 31 Mar 2007 Public work, Stone Pier, Margate
Norbert Francis Attard trained as an architect before focusing on a diverse art practice that incorporates sculpture, photography, video and installation.

During a month long residency in Margate in 2007, Attard developed a new temporary public work specifically for Margate's Stone Pier.

Attard's intervention consisted of painting the doors and windows of the old fishermen's stores along the pier with a choice of colours inspired by his own view of Margate, Turner's paint palette and the colours of the spectrum. The economy of this gesture is captivating - redefining the pier as a focal point for the town.


Raul Keller
9 - 31 Mar 2007
Margate Seafront
Working predominantly with sound and film, Keller's work often involves collaborating with groups of people to create different kinds of sound environments, where sculptures and installations made from found materials become improvisational instruments.

For ARRIVALS>ESTONIA Raul Keller presented a new work commissioned for Margate Seafront. Keller describes the project's concept as being 'musical interaction that explores the aural environment of its surroundings, to reveal, something of the nature of human musical perception and social musical interaction.'


Szabolcs KissPal
Substation Project Space Bilton Square, off Margate High Street

19 Jan - 24 Feb 2007

Szabolcs KissPal was born in Romania and lives and works in Budapest. He works predominantly with video to explore the meanings behind images, flipping them, reflecting them, changing positives to negatives, always playing with our perception.

For ARRIVALS>HUNGARY KissPal presented a video installation entitled The Dance (2001) in which the mechanisms used to make a film are revealed, with film-stars and crew intertwined in a graceful choreography. This work, which used footage from a documentary film made by Peter Gero, was shown in the Romanian Pavilion at the 49th Venice Bienniale.