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New Brighton, England, from The Last Resort, 1983–85 (2).jpg

This major exhibition explores the history of the British seasides from 1850s to the present. The exhibition features the work of over than seventy photographers such as Jane Bown, Henri Cartier Bresson and Martin Parr.

In the exhibition you can see photographs of the 1970 Isle of Wight festival taken by Enzo Ragazzini. In these photographs Ragazzini is capturing the crowds in the festival enjoying their time even though lots of them had entered the festival without tickets. You also can see the 1990 rave scene in Brighton by Stuart Griffiths and how people were having fun in the seaside.

I think this exhibition is amazing as it documents how people spent their holidays in the different eras and it also shows the development of the seaside resorts. I would recommend my school colleagues to visit the exhibition to be aware of the history of the British wonderful beaches and seaside resort.


Posted by: Turner Contemporary on 27 June 2019
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