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On the 13th and 14th of June 2019 my classmate and I partook in work experience at the Turner Contemporary. The exhibition consists of the Seaside theme; this is the first ever photography exhibition that the Turner has held. The photographs dated back from Victorian men in black and white to modern good-time girls. A tremendous history of seaside photographs reveals how Britons do love a day on the beach. They also have an artist called Barbra Walker who is this year’s artist in residence and she is creating a series of wall drawings to explore migration and belonging, focusing on the experience of women living locally over a four-month period from April 30th till 30th August 2019.

We think that the most interesting works of art was the old looking ones that was taken by wet plate tin types and the was the Isle of Wight music festive, this group of photos sort of told the story of the old days. In addition, there were old fun fair mirrors displayed, this was interesting to see because back when I was a child I would visit the fun fair and this brought memories back for me! There was a group of photos showing the way that things change over time to remind us that nothing stays the same for too long

Opinion: AA “I really enjoyed my first day at the Turner Contemporary, the exhibition is very good, I love how they used old camera methods to recreate the pictures so they look like how they did in the 1800’s, Steve and Liz were amazing they are so knowledgeable and I learnt so many new things from them both. “I thought the exhibition was good, I enjoyed learning about the time line of photo history and the ways they were taken, the art was interesting.”

Opinion: AT “I thought the exhibition was good and I enjoyed learning about the time line of photographic history and the ways in which they were taken; the art was also interesting. Furthermore, the way it was presented was created very well, the art that was submitted by schools was nice too. I liked the way that the different groups had their own titles such as Selfie and Point of View. The rest of the exhibition was a nice mix black and white with and colour which made me reminisce about the old camera I have and it got me thinking about taking some shots of my own of the seaside. The exhibition has inspired me to do a little photography myself.”

We would recommend that this exhibition and Art gallery to whoever is passionate about art or a particular artist or just people who want to get to know a little more about the history of art. Moreover, everyone is so friendly and kind and when you enter the building there is always someone to greet you and help with any questions or information required.


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