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The exhibition “a place that only exists in moonlight” was beautifully displayed across the gallery allowing your mind to divert and explore the wonders within Katie Paterson’s work. My journey around the Turner contemporary gave me an overwhelming experience meeting the peeks for my passion for art. The beautiful layout in the north gallery created a burst of different emotions and questions I had to express and ask. The display within this room fitted incredibly well with one another. Both the mirror ball and the piano playing Sinatra in Morse code created a beautiful atmosphere and allowed Katie to express her idea of time and space unexplored in such a way by any artist before. Many pieces of Katie’s work shows such a scientifically correct theme, however her work also expresses a far more elegant and specific manner. My key focus throughout the exhibition is the thought and smooth links between J.M.W Turner and Katie Paterson, both fitting incredibly well with one another.

Turners paintings and core meanings expresses such thought between both artists with a tight link showing the inspiration and focus upon Turner. Focusing back upon Katie’s work one of which catches my eye the most is Katie’s fossil necklace, this being because I find it incredibly interesting and a creative way to express the passage of time through a wearable piece of art. Katie’s link between natural objects and the creativity of making a man made piece of art is a fascinating way to express her scientific focus on time and space. Alike others many would say this piece is well displayed, isolated away in its own space within the gallery allowing us to see its amazing form. Overall my opinion on this current exhibition is extremely positive and passionate; I have massively enjoyed my experience here at the turner contemporary and my interactive, mind blowing journey around Katie Paterson’s work. I would highly recommend this exhibition to all who would like to explore beyond the norm and experience a mind opening journey of time and space. every piece is filled with beauty and astronomy allowing your mind to explore the vast wonders of your imagination. This exhibition will appeal to almost everyone and is an experience you can’t miss.


Posted by: Turner Contemporary on 8 March 2019
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