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The new exhibition at Turner Contemporary in Margate explores artists’ relationships and love for animals.  Animals are symbolic as we have used this species for a very long time, since the Stone Age.

The works that I have been incredibly fascinated about are the rescue dogs from 9/11 because they saved the victims when they were in the rubble and the injured from the debris of the falling twin towers that were blown up because of two aeroplanes. The dogs show that even if some people aren’t very kind they still trust them and help them to survive earthquakes, attackers, PTSD, mental disorders, blindness and other bad situations that could help you when you are recovering.  If it is permanent they will assist you, for example dogs for the blind, dogs for disability, hearing dogs, and many others.

The 9/11 event created a remarkable elevation of the human and canine bond because of their admirable teamwork as well as understanding each other’s ways.  Their emotional relationships as well as spiritual relationships can get us through something as horrible as that tragedy that happened in 2001.

It is believed the last surviving 9/11 dog who sadly passed in 2016, was called Bretagne. The golden retriever was 16 when he passed. Bretagne was a ground zero search dog to search out people that were in the rubble and trapped underground.

The pictures of the diseased rescue dogs are on display in the west gallery as a tribute to them, the pictures reminded me of hope and safety because of the aura the pictures are giving off makes me hopeful that horrible things like 9/11 will not happen again sometime in the future.

Charlotte Dumas, Moxie, 2011


Posted by: Turner Contemporary on 27 June 2018
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