Turner Contemporary

Photo by Callum Barrett

There are more female artists than male artists, with different items -for example clothes and charms and structural things and the artists use different materials such as paint, wool, string, bone, fibre and much, much more.

Every piece of art is not all from England to make a wider variety of people go and see the art from other countries not just their own country. For example, Hannah Ryggen, a Norwegian Artist, made a tapestry to represent how the war was between Hitler and Winston Churchill in World War 2.

All the artwork that is in the exhibition has vibrant colours and an ‘entangled’ theme to it. It has 40 different artists ranging from early 20th century; Louise Bourgeois made a hand that is bigger than a normal hand.

Photo by Callum Barrett

Callum Barrett from King Ethelbert School completed his work experience at Turner Contemporary in March 2017. He made use of our Entangled: Threads & Making Schools Resource to develop ideas around key themes in the exhibition. You can too

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Posted by: Turner Contemporary on 31 March 2017
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