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Posted by: Moya Stirrup on Tue 15 Apr 2014

A conversation with Em Peasgood

Em Peasgood has been the musical director of ‘The Big Sing’, Turner Contemporary’s resident choir, since December 2011. She is currently working on ‘Sounds Like Art’, a project that she initiated because she wanted to explore the connection between art and music. Turner Contemporary have supported her in bringing it to fruition and the firstMore details

Posted by: Moya Stirrup on Tue 15 Apr 2014

A conversation with Helder Clara

Helder Clara, aged 45, is a self-taught artist who first became involved with Turner Contemporary as a Cultural Ambassador. Subsequently he joined Turner Contemporary’s ‘Studio Group’ (a collaboration of artists and makers) in 2012, which was formed around Maria Nepomuceno’s Tempo para Respirar (Breathing Time). This piece, made up of colourful ropes, beads and anMore details

Posted by: Moya Stirrup on Tue 15 Apr 2014

A conversation with Sue Tomkins

Sue and I took our seats in the empty auditorium. We were in one of the Foyle Rooms at Turner Contemporary on a Tuesday evening, 50 white seats faced towards the sea. In half an hour, the seats would be filled with voices and faces, the voices of a collective; ‘The Big Sing‘. For now, oneMore details

Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Wed 14 Aug 2013

Maria’s conversation with 3 friends…

Three friends, three perspectives on ‘things’. This conversation (Sunday afternoon, 4th August), like all the conversations I’ve had with visitors to Curiosity, was enlightening. Something particularly interesting happens when talking to people who really know each other’s cherishing/preserving/collecting habits. A lot gets said in what is unsaid.

Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Thu 8 Aug 2013

Maria’s train journey to Margate thinking…

Materialism: What is the value of materialism? Do we have a right to own things at the cost of other people’s wellbeing? Who’s affected by what we buy? How much responsibility do we have when we consume? Do we have a choice in how we consume? Why does our desire for things make us spendMore details