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Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Wed 19 Jul 2017

Every Day is New Day review by Aphra Gluck, Thamesview School

Phyllida Barlow, the innovative artists sculptures and paintings are currently being displayed at Turner contemporary. 10 of her evocative sculptures fill the Turner, including the ‘upturned house’ and one of my favourites ‘Awnings’, a series of vivid dyed fabric draped over dark pillars, which stands centre on the back wall of the South Gallery. Throughout herMore details

Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Fri 31 Mar 2017

A review of Entangled: Threads & Making by Callum Barrett

There are more female artists than male artists, with different items -for example clothes and charms and structural things and the artists use different materials such as paint, wool, string, bone, fibre and much, much more. Every piece of art is not all from England to make a wider variety of people go and seeMore details