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Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Tue 5 Apr 2011

Margate Revealed by Lauren A Wright, Curator

When I first considered moving to Margate, I had spent four years in London since moving from the US to study. Leaving the capital wasn’t my natural inclination, but as the possibility materialised with a job as Curator at Turner Contemporary I quickly saw the advantages: the much cheaper cost of living, the greater senseMore details

Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Fri 25 Mar 2011

Me and Art Works by Samuel L Rudd

Art Works has changed my life! But before I begin to explain how, I need to say a few things about my life before the course. At the age of 14 I lost my mother, this affected me more than anyone could imagine. Once the storm had passed I decided I would move out ofMore details

Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Sun 19 Dec 2010

Its snow joke! Art Works is getting better every week!

  So, already once this year we have had the snow disrupt the country, the roads, people getting to work and schools, colleges, institutions being shut down for people to have a ‘snow day’ (I imagine the reason is more likely to be related to health and safety)…and so on. At the start of DecemberMore details