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Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Thu 7 Jul 2011

Blank Canvas by Lucy Steggals, Lead Artist

Salt and Seaweed is what we have been looking at this week…….. Some of the members of Blank Canvas have been out and about looking up, down and around Margate Old Town and Turner Contemporary seeking out the things we miss and the details that pass us by. Helder Clara (a local artist) kindly cameMore details

Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Sun 3 Jul 2011

Blank Canvas is back! by Lucy Steggals, Lead Artist

Blank Canvas is an intergeneration group where participants can exchange ideas, experiences and reflections with each other, as well as working towards creating a group art work. They meet twice a month on Tuesdays at Turner Contemporary. Here, Project Coordinator Lucy Steggals welcome the group back for a new season. Blank Canvas is back! Etagram,More details

Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Fri 17 Jun 2011

Revealed – two months on by Curator Lauren A Wright

Turner Contemporary has now been open for two months. In that time, we’ve had more than 120,000 visitors, more than a thousand visitors a day…. almost every day. This is rather extraordinary. To give you an idea how extraordinary: when I told a curator-friend from a major public gallery in London how many visitors we’dMore details

Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Thu 9 Jun 2011

Installing Revealed: A Technical Manager’s experience by Neville Mutton

Turner Contemporary’s Gallery Technical Manager Neville Mutton shares his personal insight into the installation of Revealed: Turner Contemporary Opens. Four of the gallery spaces within the Revealed exhibition are individually dedicated to contemporary artists.  Each artist proposed their vision for their allotted space to our curators many months ago, when the building was still anMore details

Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Fri 3 Jun 2011

Creating Paper Round by Ian, Isabella and Fin Bottle

Paper Round is a free newspaper that has been specially created by Generate artists and their children as a free resource for families to have fun together exploring our current exhibition, Revealed: Turner Contemporary Opens, through creative activities. Here, Generate artist Ian Bottle and his children Isabella and Fin tell us about making Paper Round.More details