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So, already once this year we have had the snow disrupt the country, the roads, people getting to work and schools, colleges, institutions being shut down for people to have a ‘snow day’ (I imagine the reason is more likely to be related to health and safety)…and so on.

At the start of December we had a postponed day for Art Works, which was the first assessment day for one part of the Thanet College delivery around health and safety – how ironic! We have managed to reschedule for just into January, which is great.

As I write this sat in my lounge at home, right near the coast, once again the area is awash with what yesterday was soft fluffy stuff, but is now slowly turning to ice and slush, hoping we are able to get a great day tomorrow to still go ahead!

As our last day approaches before the festive season officially kicks in, we’ve had some amazing sessions of artistic creation, exploration and discussion, with everyone jumping in feet first into areas of uncertainty, new experiences and opprotunities.

Throughout the past few weeks we’bve been out and about on the streets of Margate learning the tricks and techniques of street photography with Ed Thompson, and exploring different uses for a variety of materials with our artist Sarah Spencer including oils, acrylics, graded pencils, collage techniques, charcoals and much more.

On Wednesday last week Sarah ran an exercise encouraging the students to explore the materials and come up with their own way to portray their own portrait.
It was fascinating to hear and see the vast array of ideas and concepts that were developing from being inspired by existing art works from old and new artists from around the world about how they were going to represent their own contemporary take on their portrait work.
Lots of photos to follow in a post in the new year, i’m sure!

If we don’t manage to post again before Saturday 25th, may I wish you all a fantastic Christmas time whatever your plans.
I hope the snow doesn’t disrupt people’s travel arrangements too much.

Art Works Coordinator




Posted by: Turner Contemporary on 19 December 2010
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  1. Samuel Lee wrote:

    I am so grateful to the Turner Contemporary and everyone involved with the organisation and running of the Art Works course. Apart from the obvious reasons to be thankful, such as being given the opportunity to meet some wonderful people, use materials i’ve never had the pleasure to use before and the chance to improve on my education. But for giving me faith in myself again to be able to achieve things i never imagined i would even want to achieve.

    The Art Works course has literally turned my life around and I am so excited to see where the course will take me in 2011 and to see at the end of the course how much it has really changed my life.

    Thank you to all of you!

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