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Throughout Art Inspiring Change, eighty children and four artists – all chosen by the children – have been working  alongside a philosopher and Turner Contemporary ‘navigators’ in four Margate primary schools; the youngest are just five years old.

Every Friday afternoon, the children, an artist and a navigator meet in their schools to explore ideas, make artworks and develop as a team of Young Arts Leaders. The combination of complete creative freedom and young minds taking the lead makes for a fantastic selection of soundbites, images and ideas which are documented by each navigator.

Follow the story of the Young Arts Leaders at Palm Bay school in pictures and quotes as their journey unfolds in the lead up to the ‘Paint the Town’ day where their artworks will be realised in 4 sites across Margate on 8 July.

Friday 13 January

We now know that the title of our artwork will be ‘Awepiculous 2017’ but we don’t yet know what it will look like. Bringing together objects made in previous sessions, individual ideas and themes, the Young Arts Leaders arranged a huge brainstorm on the floor, which became known as a ‘floorstorm’.

One Young Arts Leader collects together an array of ideas from the team

All of the ideas and objects collated so far were brought together to inspire new thoughts

Young Arts Leaders reflect on their ‘Floorstorm’

“I (wish) would like the art to be big!”

Next, the Young Arts Leaders discussed how they feel during their sessions and how they want people in Margate to feel when they encounter their artwork.

These were the words that came up:









and epic”



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