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Throughout Art Inspiring Change, eighty children and four artists – all chosen by the children – have been working  alongside a philosopher and Turner Contemporary ‘navigators’ in four Margate primary schools; the youngest are just five years old.

On regular afternoons, the children, an artist and a navigator meet in their schools to explore ideas, make artworks and develop as a team of Young Arts Leaders. The combination of complete creative freedom and young minds taking the lead makes for a fantastic selection of soundbites, images and ideas which are documented by each navigator.

Follow the story of the Young Arts Leaders at Northdown Primary School in pictures and quotes as their journey unfolds in the lead up to the ‘Paint the Town’ day where their artworks will be realised in 4 sites across Margate on 8 July.

Thursday 2 February

Today we were looking at the results of all our disposable cameras, and picked out all our favourite shots – which were mostly of people, pets, places.

Art Inspiring Change, Northdown Primary

We were especially taken by some beautiful beach shots, our friends and Hadley’s accidental ‘sun and moon’ picture capturing the camera flash and sunset from his bedroom window. Eliza notes that some people deliberately put stuff out of focus to make it look better, after we debated whether all the pictures ‘came out right’. There was a lot of curiosity about the strips of brown plastic that came with the photos, and the group figured out what negatives were.

Art Inspiring Change, Northdown Primary

We had a gruelling PI session which involved lots of ‘I agree AND disagree…’ trying to figure out statements like ‘An idea can belong to a group even if it came from one person’ which turned into ‘if you add things to someone’s idea, is it still theirs?’ – there was no conclusive answer, but we did debate an interesting idea that we could vote one person from the group to make all the big decisions when we applied the PI to ourselves. Who wants to be Prime Minister of The League of Artists? Jack declined.

Art Inspiring Change, Northdown Primary

We did our group concentration exercise to get some air (and rain) and managed to count up to 19! We’re getting better but some of the group still haven’t mastered the necessary patience in playing it. Finally we made huge ideas boards – What we have, what we’ve thought of and our techniques and process. The group enjoyed seeing photos from the last year, and some of the re-occurring themes are starting to come into focus. We’ve also got our LOA first anniversary birthday party next week. Spoiler alert: there won’t be Chicken McNuggets.


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