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Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Tue 23 Jul 2013

Maria’s blog 23 July 2013

The missing image I didn’t get a chance to photograph last week: Los Alamos National Laboratory Rolodexes (adjacent to lift on first floor) Los Alamos National Laboratory Rolodexes So far 13 people have given me their time: 4 women working in the arts last week, and 9 this week – 2 women working in the arts,More details

Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Wed 17 Jul 2013

Maria’s blog 17 July 2013

As part of my commission I decided to have a Philosophical Inquiry (PI) in the gallery, which was initiated with the question: can art change the world? New questions were posed, and ‘do we all need objects because we are scared?’ was chosen. 30 myriad perspectives on things I’ve been musing over, and things IMore details