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Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Tue 16 Oct 2018

5 things to do at Turner Contemporary this Easter Holiday!

Looking for fun days out with the kids this Half Term? Come feed your family’s imagination at Turner Contemporary. 1) Get creative in one of our workshops! You can create your own piece of art at the gallery! Choose from these workshops. Easy Sunday: Galaxy Jars on Sunday 7th April Easy Holiday: Golden Tapes on WednesdayMore details

Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Mon 29 Jul 2019

Seaside: Photographed review by Maya Matthewman

Seaside: Photographed explores the haven for both Britons and tourists that is the Great British Seaside. Through a vast compilation of photographs, some dating back to the mid-19th century, this exhibition presents many different, some contradictory, views on life beside the beach. A wide range of artists, photographic media, techniques, processes and subjects have beenMore details

Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Fri 19 Jul 2019

Lisa’s Seaside: Photographed Review

The Turner Contemporary’s very first photography exhibition is – very fittingly – centred around the beaches of Britain. Seaside: Photographed documents a wide variety of coastal scenes and locations around the country, each photographer exploring the same kind of place, but with a vastly different take on it, each image showing us a new sideMore details

Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Thu 18 Jul 2019

seaside: photographed.

by irene. ‘Seaside: Photographed’ displays the memoirs of youth and love from relic long dead people who’d otherwise been forgotten. Victorian women wearing expensive embroidered dresses with veils stand beside pompous sharp-eyed men with suits. They stand still, faces emotionless to pause a permanent second in time. The exhibition displays the once thriving tourist coastalMore details

Posted by: Turner Contemporary on Tue 9 Jul 2019

Seaside photographed review by Pearl Spanyol

“Seaside photographed” shows a variety of different photographer’s work, and each show different perspectives of the British seaside. The mixture of different photographers and style of pictures shows how people’s experiences and opinions of the holiday towns differ. Most of the photographers featured in this exhibition have personal ties to the place they are visiting,More details

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