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On Valentine’s Day, Blank Canvas set off for the big smoke to visit Grayson Perry’s exhibition The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman and see the Mexican Miracle Paintings at the Wellcome Collection.

Many of the members of Blank Canvas were impressed with the language Grayson Perry used to articulate his work. They felt it was friendly, accessible and fun.

Some of the younger members of the group found Henry Wellcome’s collection a bit grotesque, especially the mummy.

Anne and I talked about how although religious art per se was not something we were ordinarily drawn to. There was a feeling of hopefulness in the mexicain paintings.

Blank Canvas on their gallery site visit

Melody was fascinated by the votives and the way that all the same trinkets rather than being disposed of were sewn to clothes or made into larger pictures.

Blank Canvas on their gallery site visit

The votives inspired talk of a visit to the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford not only to see the collection, but the way it is housed.


Posted by: Turner Contemporary on 14 February 2012
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