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Yesterday, the performers for our YOU ARE HERE event Songs of the Sublime came to the gallery to rehearse.

The aptly named Sunley Gallery was bathed in a glow as the sun set on the mirrors of Daniel Buren’s Borrowing and Multiplying the Landscape, work in situ, 2011.

Artist Zorka Wollny and composer Ania Szwajgier led them to make an array of sounds for their specially devised composition, out of the obvious and the unsual including, air, water, musical instruments and even peanuts!

This new sound piece has been specially devised for our opening festival and is inspired by the architecture of Turner Contemporary.

The gallery was basked in a pool of buttery light as the reflection from the sun reverberated around the room.

The composition is arranged to coincide with the setting of the sun, so let’s hope  that on the evening of the Songs of the Sublime, we will  have similar weather!


Rehearsal for Songs of the Sublime © Dan Bass


Rehearsal for Songs of the Sublime © Dan Bass

Rehearsal for Songs of the Sublime © Dan Bass


Posted by: Turner Contemporary on 12 April 2011
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